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Do your Dad use duel sim?

So you have saved his number separately as ‘Dad 1’ and ‘Dad 2’. 

Just imagine, it’s ‘Wife’ instead of Dad. 
Now someone took your phone to make a call. Then suddenly look at you “You didn’t tell me that you have 2 wives.”

The moment would be hilarious 😀

Or possibly you have saved your clients’ numbers separately. One his personal, another one for his home or office.

Whatever, ultimately you have saved one person’s multiple contact numbers individually.

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This article reveals how to Merge all the numbers in one Contact
Using this feature without being aware of them can give you headaches in the future. I have also guided on optimizing this feature for the Best experience.

The best part is we don’t need any applications. This feature comes inbuilt with all devices. Just you never paid attention to that.

No matter if you are holding an iPhone, Samsung, or any other android phone, the process is similar for all the brands.

Save Multiple Numbers in one Contact

Generally, we always create a New contact when someone shares their Phone Number. I suggest this option while adding a new-fresh-latest contact. 

But if the person is already there in your Phonebook then try the next method, Add to Existing.

Creating a New Contact

[Number typed, 52122. Rectangle around +New Contact]

1. As always to create a new contact, first type the phone number on Dial Pad. Now click on ‘New Contact’ having a Plus Icon.


2. First, give a suitable Name to the Contact that best matches the Person or Company.

[1st number added, indicating Plus Icon]

3. Finally we can add the Second number.
On the top row, you can see the first number ‘52122’. Now for old devices, you have to click on the Plus icon to get a new row.

But for the latest phones, you don’t need to click anywhere. There you will get two default Rows. Once you come to the second row, a Third row will automatically appear.

Now type another phone number here. Then save the contact.

One number is already saved. How to add another one?
Check out the next Method…

Add to Existing Contact

You might have noticed this option while adding a new contact. But always afraid to click on it.

When a person is already in your contact list now you want to add his new Number, this option comes worthy. Instead, you create a new name, save the number to the existed location.

[2nd Number typed, indicating Add to Existance]

1. First of all type the new number on the Dial Pad. Then click on Add to Existance.

2. Now you will be given a list of all the saved Contacts. Select the Owner of the number. 
  • If your phone has a lot of people, then you may use the Search feature.

[ now two numbers added]

3. Once you select the owner, editing property will appear. Here you can see the newly added number.

Generally, you don’t need to make any change here. Just click on Save and it’s done.

Keep in Mind: If you are like me, Always forget digits. Then you must be in confusion “Which is the new and which is old?”
It is a good question. Fortunately, you don’t need to remember it. New numbers always join at the bottom.

For Extra note, we can also give an attribute to numbers. 

1. Add to existence: as he has already saved the number earlier, so now trying to add another one.
Now you maybe in confused about which is the newer one? Be cool generally, a new number always join at the bottom. But it would be better if check which order your device do follows.
2. Add now: Saving two numbers at the same time
3. Number Tag: How will you understand which number for what? use Tags.
4. What is the importance of the first number? Direct calling, Default Google assistant call top number.

Pro Tip: Give Attributes to Number
Precaution: Keep in Mind

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