5 Steps to Post Multiple Photos on Instagram Feed and Story

Are you struggling to add multiple Photos or Videos on Instagram Feed, to Swipe?

It looks interactive when you have a long Story to showcase.
Additionally, I will guide you How to put two or more pictures over a Single Story. All these gonna be possible without using any extra app…
Note: You won’t found the Multiple photos option, as it is available only in the PRO version of Instagram. Although the Lite version for IOS isn’t yet published, it is available for Androids only. Still recommend updating your app.
Are you using the Lite version? 
Install or Update the PRO version from Play Store and App Store. It’s FREE.
Instagram and Instagram Lite Icon. You have to use the Instagram Pro app to add multiple photos

Carousel Post: Multiple Photos on Instagram Feed

Adding two or more photos on Instagram feed also known as Carousel Post. Now to see the next picture you have to Swipe-left. Also at the bottom, dots will appear to indicate the number of photos.
Instagram Feed post with multiple images. It is also known as Carousel Post
Are you trying to make this kind of Post? Then Swipe up😀
In Carousel Post we can put Images include Videos. But there is a limitation of up to 10 posts.
Size also matters. Instagram has a standard size for feed posts, it is 1080×1350 for Portrait and 1080×1080 for Square images. If you don’t maintain the size your image will get cropped.
Know more about different Sizes.

Follow these Steps to Post Multiple Photos on Feed: 

  1. Step 1 Open the Instagram App 
    As I’ve already mentioned, this feature is unavailable on Instagram Lite. You need the Instagram full version.
  2. Step 2 Now click on the Plus icon 
    Interestingly this plus icon is available in your profile section also in the Home section. But always remain at the same place, top-right corner.
  3. Step 3 There you will get 5 different types of options, you just select Feed Post [Selecting the Feed Post]
    All types of Instagram posts after clicking on the Plus icon. Feed post, Reel, Story, IGTV Video, Story Highlight
  4. Step 4 Now you can select multiple photos after enabling the circle-box icon.
    Adding Multiple photos on Insagram. Difference options inside it

    Initially, your all photos will appear. You may select a specific picture album from the top. Remember, the order you follow to select each photo will define the sequence of the post. So double-check before you set for upload.
    Even it is possible to select photos from multiple albums, your sequence will remain the same.
  5. Step 5 You did it, my friend. Now go with the blue Arrow at the top-right corner.
    After clicking on that blue arrow you will get all the options to Edit and Filter. Then on the next page, you will find the option to tag people, add location, and share on other platforms.

Finally, this way you can add and Post multiple photos and videos to your Instagram.

Multiple Pictures on Instagram Story: over Background and Video

Many people think that we need a photo editor to add multiple photos to Story. 
But in reality, we don’t need anything extra. Instagram has versatile features. We can easily add an additional photo over the Story.
Apart from just putting the image you can also change the shape, align it properly, and many more…
[Take the banner image, Bottom. Video Story, coming from the top. two phones one from top and bottom. Two title Image and Video.]

Follow these steps to put Multiple photos on Story:

  1. Step 1: First click on the Plus icon, this time select Story.
  2. Step 2: Now put a Base image or you can say Background.As we need a surface, so this layer is most important. You can add this from your gallery or shot with the Camera.
    [background image added. right after zoomed and positioned]
    Did you know we can even zoom a photo with two fingers to position a specific part?
  3. Step 3: After you have the base image click on the Sticker.No. I’m not gonna suggest you to put a sticker. There is magic.
    Just Scroll a little.
  4. Step 4: There you get the Add Photo Sticker, click on that.
    [add photo Sticker and Camera]
    I told you. It is that magic.
  5. Step 5: Now select the picture you want to add to the Story.Once you click on the Add image sticker, your recent photos will appear. Which photo would you like to add? Select.
    Unlike the Feed post, here you can’t choose from a specific album. So instead of finding your old photos, first take their Screenshot from the gallery then go to Instagram.
Couldn’t find the Add photo option? Then you may contact the Instagram support team. 
Also, you can try this trick of Pasting Images in the place of Text.
The story doesn’t end here. There are many cool things yet to know.
Do you know we can Change the Shape of the picture? Yes, there are 5 different shapes.
To change the Shape just click on the image and see the magic happen.
We can easily move the photo using a single Finger. But to Resize it you have to use two fingers.
While moving the image have you encounter any Line that comes through the screen? It helps us to align the image perfectly. I found these guidelines really helpful.
After adding two or more photos you may face some images are overlapping others. You can stop this by reducing the size of the images.
But the better solution is to Send to Back and Bring to Front. See, if Photo1 is capturing an important part of Photo2, then click on Photo2. Now your Photo2 will dominate over Photo1.
Now you may want to apply some Filters! Keep in mind, filters would only affect the Background layer. And trust me it looks more legitimate.

My View

Ultimately, I would say Instagram has cool features that make your photos look Stand Out. Unlike Facebook, Instagram’s multiple photos feed looks more attractive. What do you think?
On the other hand, Story posts are extraordinary. I never thought we would be able to add photos on the Story posts. When it comes to using editing apps.
Have you ever been amazed seeing the possibilities on Instagram? Comment below.

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