How to Make Calls Faster using Speed Dial Number [Any Phone]

Speed Dial Banner with Samsung Dialpad for GEEKYBUD

Do you have some Special People, whom you call frequently?

Then Speed Dial Numbers can be helpful to you. 

Earlier, you had to open the Phone/Contacts application, scroll through a huge list of people. Ultimately you could make the Call.

Don’t you think it’s a long process to call Loveones? 

But with the help of Speed Dial, we can make calls in just 3 Seconds! The only thing you have to do is to Press and Hold a number of DialPad.

For Samsung and iPhone users, the process is slightly different. So I have a smart solution for you.

Before we get started tell me, 

Does your Phone know the Special contacts? Of course not. 

You have to define those people

So, to set up Speed Dial you have to program numbers for each button. Also, I will guide how you can remove numbers or replace them with another number.

Note: Only saved numbers can be assigned with Speed Dial.


So Bud without making confusion, let’s call that Special person 😀

How to Set Speed Dial 

Set up Speed Dial is almost similar for every Brand. There are minor differences in Interface. Few brands like Samsung added some additional features for the Users.
As Samsung offers up to 99+ contacts to add for Speed Dial. Whereas for most other brands it is a maximum of 9.
On the other hand, Apple removed the speed dial from iPhones. Instead, they have a similar feature called ‘Favorite Contacts’. 
So I have added a separate section for these two brands.
Generally, there are two ways to add Speed Dial numbers. Let’s start with the easy one.

Easy Way to Add Speed Dial Number

[Dial Pad opened Image]
Explain By Pressing and Holding
1. Open the Contact or Phone Application, where we can dial numbers.
[to show you are pressing 5, make a rectangle around it]
2. Now Press and Hold a number. For demonstration, I’m pressing ‘5’. You can press any number. 
Technically, we do this to make calls through Speed Dial. As we have not assigned any contact with ‘5’ yet, so the phone will ask “Hey 5 is not ready for Speed Dial, You wanna add a Contact now?”
Say, YES or maybe there you will get Settings. Always select the positive option.
3. Now all your saved contacts will appear on the screen. But you can select only one, Just click on that Contact. 
Whom would you like to call by Pressing ‘5’? Comment below.
I’m selecting GEEKYBUD PHONE. So for the next time, whenever I will Press and Hold ‘5’ it wouldn’t ask to set Speed Dial. Instead, a call will be made to GEEKYBUD PHONE.
This easy method is good to assign Contacts. But to remove or replace contacts we have to go through the Advance method.

Advance Way to Add Contacts

I found this easier when you add multiple contacts at the same time. As here you can see all the people you have added and their programmed numbers.

How to Open Advance mode

[ 3 dots rectangled, half screenshoot]
1. Click on the Dots on the top-right corner of the screen. It may be ‘more’ instead of dots. Depends on your Phone. 
2. Now either here you will get the ‘Speed Dial’ Option or ‘Settings’. For demonstration, I’m using a Realme phone which has Settings options. So open it.
3. There are many items in settings. But you have to find Speed Dial.
You found it.

Add Contacts through Advance Mode

[ advance mode interface all the buttoms]
Here you don’t need to Press and Hold anything. Just click on any number button
Then again your long contact list will appear. Now select that important person to Assign.
Note: This Advance interface isn’t just to Add contacts. Here we can also Remove or Replace them. Get it at the End.

Set Speed Dial on Samsung

Speed Dial set up process on Samsung phones is same as other brands. Press and Hold.
Unlike others till 9, here till 99. Press the first number normally, then without losing time press and hold the last number. 

Speed Dial alternative for iPhone

Just tell about favorite Numbers, Only guide to make visible in Smart Assistant. 
Interestingly this feature is also available for Realme users, as Smart Assistant.
Also read: Detail guide on Realme Smart Assistant

How to Remove or Change numbers in Speed Dial

The advanced method gives us the freedom to Add-Remove plus Replace contacts from Speed Dial. I
To remove or reprogramme a number, go to Advanced settings. three dot. tap remove.
Removing the voicemail number is a little difficult.

How to remove Voicemail

How to Remove Voicemail number?

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