How to copy Images to Clipboard like text – Android and PC

Is it possible to copy-paste images like text?

Yes, of course.
Your phone can do so many other things that you can’t even imagine.
Are you trying to copy an image from the Gallery then paste it somewhere else? Maybe on Instagram or on a text note!
Copying with Windows or Mac is easier. As PCs have larger storage for the clipboard. Even you can copy video files.
Apart from Gallery images, we can also copy pictures from the internet. This process is quicker when you have to download an image than upload it elsewhere.
Sounds complicated? Don’t worry I have instructed with pictures 😀

Copy Image to Clipboard – Android

When it comes to Android, few popular brand name pops up in my mind. Like Xiaomi, Samsung, Oneplus, Huawei, and many others.

Technically there is no feature on android to copy images to the clipboard. But brands like Samsung responded to this and added this feature to their latest phones.
What’s about other brands?
As android doesn’t have this feature right now so we have to use an App. This app will enable you to copy images from Gallery to the clipboard. And stock android users can copy from Google Photos.
But while pasting the image we will need the Google Keyboard app. As the clipboard app is only compatible with Gboard. Nowadays, Google Keyboard is common for Android so didn’t count it. 
Copy Images to Clipboard Following these Steps:
  1. Step 1 Download and Install the Copy to Clipboard app from Playstore.
    Generally, you don’t need to set up this app, it runs a simple program. You might be asked to give certain permission. Then first, think before giving those permissions.
  2. Step 2 After the app is installed, Open your Gallery or Google Photos(app).
  3. Step 3 Now there you choose an image you want to copy.
    Even you can copy video files using this app. But that is a paid task, and I don’t recommend that.
  4. Step 4 In Gallery click on the Send icon. And for Google Photos you will get the option of Share, click on Share.
  5. Step 5 In Google Photos you will get the Copy option just after clicking on the Share button. But in Gallery, you may need to slide left.
  6. Step 6 You have successfully copied to the clipboard. Now you can paste the image on any supported platform (ex. Notes app).[posted on the Instagram story]
    You can see I have pasted it on Instagram Story as a Text. Does it look like multiple photos on Story?
So Bud, right now it’s the universal process for all Androids to copy-paste images. Keep in mind you can’t copy from everywhere and you can’t paste anywhere. There are restrictions.
Interestingly latest Samsung phone users can do this without using any extra application. How is this possible, let’s uncover…

Using Latest Samsung Phones

As shown in this YouTube video, you don’t need an extra app to copy images to Clipboard. Just take a screenshot and it does the work.
[Youtube Video]
Latest Samsung users follow these steps:
  1. Step 1 Take a Screenshot of the Image trying to add to the clipboard.
  2. Step 2 Now you may crop it or whatever, then Save the Screenshot.
  3. Step 3 Keyboard Clipboard Share
  4. Step 4 Paste the Image
You are somewhat fortunate. Not?
Samsung phones come with their own keyboard app. So if you want to try the previous method, then you have to install two extra apps Google Keyboard and Copy to Clipboard App.
Although the Samsung keyboard is not bad, still I would prefer the Google keyboard.
Comment below which is better, app method or screenshot?

Copy Images from Web

Probably you are not looking for this answer, but it is worth knowing. Think you want to upload a Baby picture, but you don’t have any photo of an innocent baby.
Now first you have to download the picture from the Internet, then you can upload it. 
Recently Chrome introduced this feature, let’s see how it works…
Instead of going through this long process, follow this simple Step.

  1. Step 1 Search Baby picture on Google or go inside of a Website.
    Other browsers may not have this feature, I recommend you to use Chrome.
  2. Step 2 When the pictures appear on the screen, press and hold on to the image.
    For PC users you have to right-click on the image.
  3. Step 3 Now there you will get the Copy Image option. Why waiting? Copy it.
  4. Step 4 Once you have copied, then you can Paste the picture like text.
    Your image resolution will depend on the image resolution when you copy it. For better results always let the image get fully loaded.
As I have mentioned above you can’t copy anywhere. It works only for those sites that let you directly download images by holding.
You can’t copy images from sites like Facebook, Instagram. But facebook images can be copied using a PC.
It depends on various things, that you have to explore…

Images to Clipboard – on Windows

Windows has the freedom to Copy images to Clipboard from almost anywhere. It doesn’t require any app or software, everything comes inbuilt.
You are just seeking photos, but your PC can even copy Videos😀
On windows, you can copy images from your computer also from the web. Both works the same.
So to copy images to the clipboard first Right-click on the image. Then select Copy from the pop-up window.
Now the image is copied. You can follow the same process to copy videos too.
Now to Paste it, Right-click on a document, then select Paste. You could also press Ctrl+V. 
On Windows 10, to see your copy History or Clipboard you may press Windows Key+V. This is where all your copied text goes.
This way you can add images to Clipboard, then paste them to an appropriate place.
Bud, this was the tutorial How you can copy images to a clipboard on an Android Device. For PC users the whole process is simple and easier. Hope android will introduce this image copy-pasting function in near future.
Comment below how will you use this feature? that I could suggest some better ideas.

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