How to Print an Area from Google Maps with Directions [2023]

“Learning Cartography would take time, let’s simply print from Google Maps.”

In this modern era who would carry a paper map to navigate? Still, you may need a printed map to work on a project or just to put it on the Wall.

The easiest way someone can tell you to take a ScreenShoot from Google Maps. But I’m gonna share with you How to Print in High Resolution, even without pressing the Print Screen key on your keyboard. No matter if you don’t have a PC, you can still do this on Ipad or Android.

The process is quite easy, just like a piece of cake. Instead of directly get the Printout, you can download the map as a PDF for future use.
How to Print Google in with Step by Step Direction
So Bud, let’s dive into the Tutorial…

How to Print from Google Maps with Directions

In this tutorial, I’m using a PC and Chrome Browser. You may go with any device but must use a good Browser.

[img: infographic]

  • Launch a Browser, then search for “Google Maps”
Search Google Maps on Google to open the site

Once the search result appears, Open the Google Maps site.

For Phone users: When you enter into the browser, make sure you have turned on Desktop Mode. This will make the process easy and accessible for you.

Couldn’t find the site?

button [open here]


  • Define the Area and Direction
Get Ready!
Here you have to define a specific area and directions.
You can even print the map without directions. Then just skip the process of setting Directions.

How to add directions and over multiple locations?

Define the first location on the Google Map for Direction Guide
It’s the same as before.
To select the first location, click on its name. Then a window will appear on the left side, click on Directions Icon.
( Click on the Direction icon beside the Search bar. It opens a new window, where you have to provide the details of Starting location and End location of the direction route.
[img: another location]
Now it will ask you to define another point of destination. You can do so by clicking on that location.
[img: multiple location and menu button
We can even add multiple locations. Just click on that “Plus icon add destination”. You can see a big black and white-coloured circle for each location you have set.
Keep in mind only the visible area of the map will be printed. To expand more areas Zoom Out the view.
  • Let’s Print
After you have set the overall view, now we can process it for print.
Click on the triple line icon at the top-left corner. Now select “Print”. A new window will ask you to enter some Notes, but I found it useless.
So again click on the blue-coloured Print button.
  • Final Step
[img: final print window, explain all drop down options]
Finally, the printing window appears.

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