How to Use Google Lens? 7 Tips for Smart People (IOS/Android)

Google Lens is a new way to search on the Internet. Now you can search for what you See. 

Just take a picture of something, google will figure out all the basic information about it.

Earlier we could only search through text. But some things can’t be express in words. That’s why Google Lens was introduced to improve the Search experience. 

To make it simple let’s take an example. 

Imagine, you found an unknown Tree in the garden. Now if you want to search about it on Internet, How will you describe it? 

It is complex. Don’t you think?

Now, this ‘Search with Image’ feature can be helpful. Instead in words, you can show an image. It would be easier to identify the Tree.

Apart from searching with Images, Google Lens can do many other things like Translate text from image, Copy text from image, Scan QR and Bar codes, Face Identify, and so on…

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How to Open and Use Google Lens (Android, IOS)

Searching with Images is not difficult. It is far easy than you think. The only step to take is to Shoot a picture or upload it from your Gallery.

The process to use and the interface of Lens, same for Android and IOS devices. The only difference is Availability. As Google is native for Android, so you may found this inside several android apps. 

But before we get started, Do you know Where is Google Lens in your phone?

Let’s see…

Android Users can Open from:
  • Google Photos (Uploaded Images only)
  • Google App (For some Phones)
  • Google Assistant
  • Visiting Google Images on Browser
  • Camera and Gallery of some latest Phones
Earlier, Lens was possible only with Photos App. But now it’s available on Google app Widget, now its Standalone version is available on Playstore.

Couldn’t find any option for Lens? Make sure your phone is Android version 6 (Marshmallow) or above and the Google App is Updated.

iPhone/iPad users can Open from:

  • Google App ( Not for iPad)
  • Google Photos
  • Visiting Google Images on Browser
Unlike Android, Google Lens is not everywhere in IOS. Now the only way to access it, you have to install Google and Google Photos App. As Google app helps to search on the Web and the Photos app helps to recognize the image.
Although the Google App is available for both iPhone and iPad. Unfortunately, there is no Lens feature for the iPad version.

Use Google Lens through Google App

1. To open Lens click on this Icon
Or you can say, “Hey Google, Open Google Lens.” Both does the same Job.
Google Lens icon on Google App widget. Use Lens through Google App

2. Once it is opened, it should look like this. At the bottom, you can see a Search icon, Images, and a slider to switch to other features.

Sometimes it may not look as shown in the image. It’s because by default your galley opened. Now to enabled the camera Slide Down the from the Middle. 

First look of Google Lens. All the functions indicated by arrows

3. Now to Search with images either you have to shoot an image Or select from the gallery.

Note: When you shot a photo using Lens, that photo wouldn’t save in your storage.

 [ How looks once Shoted and a photo]

4.  Once you have shot a picture or uploaded it from the gallery, Google AI will automatically Scan and Detect objects. Now you can Scroll the page to see the result.

Shooted a photo of iPhone and a Tree. Now Google Lens is searching for the iPhone

5. Your Picture may contain more than one element.  But you can search for only one at the same time.

To select other elements just click on that, AI does the job. Or you can Drag the rounded rectangle manually. To make the rectangle smaller and bigger, drag it’s corners.

[ selecting specific element, also indicating two element] 

Using Google Photos

Google Photos is another way to use Google Lens. For iPad users, it is the best option. First, you have to capture the photo after that, you can Scan it. As therein Photos, you don’t get any Camera.

However, Google Lens in Google Photos for PC has limited feature. Till now you can only Copy text from Image.

Step 1: Open the Google Photos app on your iPad, iPhone or Android.

Google Photos and other Google apps. Indicating to Open Google Photos

Step 2: Now open an image that is already there in Photos. If there is no image found then first add some photos. Only then you could see the option for Lens.

Step 3: When you open a cloud-stored image in Photos, you will get the Lens icon at the bottom row. Now to search with that particular picture click on the icon.

Google Lens option in Google Photos. By clicking on the icon you can start the scanning process

Unlike the Google app here you don’t get the slider to change modes. Still, you can copy text from pictures, Make searches, and use many other features.

How to use in Any Phone Without App

No wonder! We can use Google Lens without any app on any Phone. But there are some limitations.

This trick is especially for PC users. However, when you don’t wanna install the app, or maybe your phone doesn’t support it. Then my friend this Method is for YOU.

The only thing you need is a Browser.

Step 1: Open your favorite browser. Now enable the Desktop mode.

Step 2: Now open Google Images. You can do this by first opening then select Images from the top right corner. 

Or you may take a shortcut to open from here.

Indicating Google Images page link in main Google search page using Chrome Browser

Step 3:

[ G images search bar, indicating lens camera icon]

The latest Google images’ search bar has a Camera icon. It is to make searches with images or you may call it Lens. Click on the icon.
From here you can use Google Lens Online without Downloading. I'm showing this through chrome browser

Step 4:

Now you have to upload an image from your phone. Or you can also put a link to an online stored image.


When the image will be uploaded Google will make an auto search according to the objects in the picture.

As I have already said, this method has limited features. Except searching with images you can’t use other features.

But we can use all the features using App. Do you wanna know some amazing Tricks with Lens? 
Then scroll down to the next section…

7 Cool Productive use of Google Lens

Having Lens installed on the Phone, but being unaware of these smart features would be a Great Loss for you. Apart from just searching on the web, it has some dynamic features.

Even Lens can help you solve your Homework.
Doesn’t it worth knowing?

1. Search with Images

This feature is also known as Reverse Image Search. 

2.  Identify Faces of People?

Recently I saw a movie character on someone’s profile, but I didn’t know him. So I took a screenshot of the person and upload it in Lens. Amazingly I found the Name and all the basic info about him.

Google Lens identified the face of Elon Musk a celeb person. Face detection is really easy with it.

Google Lens can help you to identify the faces of popular People. First, you have to upload a picture of that person. But if it is printed somewhere then shot the face with Lens.

Keep in mind this feature works best on celebritys’ face. If Google couldn’t detect the face you will get Similar looking People. 

3. Scan QR and Bar Code 

Have you ever scanned QR codes? It required an extra app, Right?

We can scan QR and Bar codes with Google Lens as well. To do this, first Open Lens then upload or Snap a picture of the encrypted code.

You can use Google Lens to Scan QR and Bar codes. It can show the encrypted word without installing any third party app

Once the code gets detected, you will be able to see what was encrypted. If the encoded text is a webpage link, you can open it from here.

4. Translate Image Text

[Translation mode selected, snapping a picture of text. But no translations are not showing]

Although Google has a tool for Translation. But we can also translate text using Google Lens, especially from images.

To do this:
  1. First, select the Translate mode from the bottom slider.
  2. Now shot the text area or upload it from the gallery.
  3. Now you can see the translated text in the selected language.
For changing the languages you get the option on the top. For the left side you have to select the original text language, and for the right side select the language you want the translation.

5. Copy Text From Image

Copy text from Book, Documents, Poster or from any object using free tool Google Lens

That time ended when we had to type on the keyboard to Copy text from paper. 

Now we can easily copy texts from papers using Google Lens. The only thing you need is Handwriting or Printed text.

How is your handwriting? comment below.

To Copy Text:
  1. Open Lens app, then select the Text mode.
  2. Snap the text area or upload from the gallery.
  3. Now click on the highlighted text area to make a selection. To select everything click on the Select All button.
  4. Once the selection is done. Copy the Text

There is an amazing option Copy to Computer. How does this work? 

To use this option, make sure your computer has Chrome Browser installed and logged in with the same email using for Lens. Also, the computer needs to be connected to the Internet.

After all, click on Copy to Computer, select the PC. Now you will get a notification on the PC “Text copied, press Ctrl + V to Paste“.

Isn’t it Cool?

6. Add Event from Poster

This feature is not that helpful, but I found this interesting. Using this trick you can add Event, Reminder in Calender. 

Generally, to add an event you have to open the calendar app, then select the date.

However, using Google Lens take a picture of an Event poster or anything that has Date mentioned.

Once the scanning process ended, click on the Date area to select. Now you will get an option to Create a Calendar Event. 

Try this new way to add Events.

7. Solve Homework

Google Lens’ Homework mode is for Students, especially to solve Math and Science questions.

To find a Solution for math questions:

  1. First, select the Homework Mode.
  2. Take a picture of a Math question or upload it from Gallery.
  3. Now to select the question, click on it. You may drag the rectangle to properly contain the question.
  4. Now Scroll down the page, you will get the answer.
This feature is only helpful to solve basic questions. Google Lens can not give you solutions for Complex questions. Instead, it will suggest related Articles and YouTube videos.


No doubt Google Lens was a Revolutionary step to enhance the Web search experience. Although, it needs to get improved a lot. Now we can search what we see, that has no word to explain. Not just making searches it has few helpful features too, which makes it worth installing.

So Bud, do you use Google Lens? Out of 5, how many Stars will you rate it? Comment Below.

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