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Even sometimes professional PC users are out of Word. 

Then, how will they make Google Search without any words?

Of course, using Google Lens. 

Now you can search for what you see. Just scan objects around you, Lens will show you all the basic details about that object. 

Do you run a PC for Research work? Or maybe trying to find a way to use Google Lens On your Windows or Mac!

Then Bud, I have a wonderful solution for you.

To use Google Lens on PC you need a Browser or an Android Emulator. The most simple method is through a browser, I suggest Chrome. But the PRO features are available only through Emulator.

Unfortunately, the browser has limited access. On the other hand, Emulator gives you complete access to Lens. But installing an Emulator would be a heavy process for anyone.

Google Lens is available on PC:

  1. Inside Google Image Search ( Make visual related Search)
  2. Inside Google Photos ( To copy Text)
  3. Using Emulator (Complete Google Lens)

As the online Web version is accessible for everyone so, I have a Cool trick for you. 

Online Web Version – Using Chrome

Unlike smartphones, every app is not available for PC. So as always Browser has to do that work. Officially Google Lens application isn’t available for PC users. Hopefully, the web version Lens is available inside Google Image Search. 

Reverse Search with Google Images

Earlier, Google Images was popular only to get web image results. But Google Lens icon added an Image search bar, PC users more frequently visiting this page. 

Now you might be wondering, Bud what is Reverse search?

Reverse image search is a feature that lets you make searches with images. The search result would be according to the objects and visuals in the picture. This search method is really helpful when you have no words to express your query. Yes, it is a property of Google Lens.

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Make Reverse Image Search on Google Images, following these steps:

Step 1: Open Google Images.

You can visit this page through the main page of Google. Then click on ‘Images’, this option is at the top-right corner.

Go to Google Images from Here.

Step 2: Once the Google Images page is opened, click on the Camera icon.
You might be thinking, It is not the icon of Google Lens, why would click on it? Just to make you fimiliar, exactly it’s not Lens but it does the same work.

When you hover over the icon it shows Search by Image, and that is what we are trying to do. Are not you?

Step 3: When you click on the Camera, there you get two options. By default, the first option is to paste the image URL to search. The second option is to upload an image.  
As a PC user, you can take advantage of Drag and Drop images, instead of manually choosing files through the given button.


Generally, you don’t need to use the default option. Instead of pasting URLs, follow my very next simple technique.

Still, you should know how to get images links that are uploaded by other sites. 

Follow these steps:  

  1.  Find a Web image (inside any website or through Google search).
  2. Right-click on the image.
  3. There you get the option to Open Image in New Tab.
  4. Now open the new tab, there you find nothing except the image. Now Copy the URL of the page. You did it. Although most browsers have an option to Copy the image URL, just after right-clicking on the picture. That would be easier…

Step 4:  When you make the search by uploading the image, you don’t need to press anything. But while doing this through the URL, you have to click on the Search by Image button to run the process.

So this is how you can search with Pictures, using Google images.

The above search method is best comfortable for PC users. Still, to do this on Smartphone first you have to enable the Desktop Mode.

Instead of copying image links from other sites use the next method.

Did you know there is ever a Reverse Audio search by Google? You can use this feature to identify Songs and Music by humming, singing and whistling.

Search with Pictures in Other Sites

Search with URL mode is vain unless the URL isn’t from your personal storage. 

Suppose you are scrolling a site, there you found a picture interesting. Now to scan it through Google Images, no more you need to copy the URL. 

Just Right-click on the image, now click on Search Google for Image. Now the image will be auto uploaded and you will get the Search result in a new tab.

But this feature is only coming with Chrome browser, that’s why I had recommended this earlier.

Even for some social sites like Facebook, Twitter it works fine. 

But you can’t directly run a reverse image search on Instagram. To do this first take a Screenshot of the picture or download it. Then scan it through Google Lens.

PRO Tip for Online Version Users – Extension

To improve the experience of the Web version I have a PRO tip for you.

Opening Google Images would consume a lot of time. To open it faster like a single click extension, Bookmark or add the page to SpeedDial.

To add a page as a Shortcut first, insert a New Tab. Now click on the Plus icon. There you have to paste the Page URL and give a Page title. That’s it.

Using Lens through Google Images does not have the opportunity to copy text from Images. Only Google Photos can do that on PC.

Google Photos to Copy Text

A few months back Google introduced OCR inside Google Photos, especially for PC users. But this feature works on images that are stored in Photos.

Basically, OCR stands for Optical Character Recognition. It is a technology that detects on-paper Text then turns it into digital or machine-readable text. This can save our precious time to type data from Documents to Computer.
Now to Copy text from images you have to follow these steps:

Step 1: Open Google Photos in a browser. You may take a shortcut from Here.

Step 2: Open a text-based picture, when all the photos appear.

Now if you are struggling to find a picture that has text, then you can use the Search bar inside Google Photos. Just search for Text, you will get the result.

If there is none, then first upload a Text image.

Step 3: Now click the Copy Text From Image button at the top, besides the share icon.

Technically there is no permanent Google Lens option in Google Photos PC. This copy Text button appears only for text images. But when you open an object, the option will disappear. 


Step 4: Now you can Copy image texts. When you clicked on the Button animation dots will Scan the whole image. After the scan, all the text words will be collected to the right side.

Instead of copying whole words, you can use the cursor to select individual words.
I found Google Lens is one of the best free OCRs to copy text, even from heavy documents. It does a great job by Organizing the text perfectly.

Through Emulator

Google Lens PRO features are limited to Android and IOS. Isn’t it an Injustice for PC users?

Now to get the all features we need an Emulator.

Hopefully, android emulators are easily available. Don’t worry it is a legal and safe method.

Now for who don’t know, Emulator is a program that can run other computer and programs. And we are gonna run Android on our PC.

There is two Best and Popular Emulator for PC:

Bud, if your PC is enough old and doesn’t have enough processing power you may face Lag.

After you install Emulator, Follow these steps:

Step 1: Launch the Emulator you have installed. I’ve installed NOXPlayer that is what I’m gonna show you.

Step 2: Now open the PlayStore on Emulator. There first you have to log in to Gmail unless you won’t be able to install apps and games.

Step 3: After you logged in, install the Google App. It is most necessary. You may also install the Lens app, although it isn’t mendatory.

Step 4: Now shot photos or upload from gallery to use Google Lens. Everything is same as your Phone. 

Now you can take full advantage of it. 

Explore the full guide of Google Lens including 7 amazing tricks.

Keep in mind every time you use Google Lens, first have to launch the emulator. You won’t found Google Lens in Windows apps.


Although Google Lens on PC Sounds a bit weird, as we can’t even carry the Laptop to shot a photo. Still, in this versatile world, it would be a Gem for someone. Fortunately, we can use it without Emulator from Google Photos and Images. Unless it would be an untouched puzzle for most PC users.

Especially, I found the OCR in Google Photos really smart. It doesn’t just copy my handwritten notes, even organizes far better than mine. 

Comment below how will you use the Google Lens on PC?

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