What’s the Song? How to use Google Hum to Identify a Music

As a music lover, I know what distracts us the most often.

An earworm was playing in my mind, but I couldn’t remember the name of that song!

Did this ever happen to you?

Well, Bud Google has a solution. If a song is stuck in your head, you can hum the tune, whistle, or sing a part. Then it will discover the song you were trying to find.

Also, if a good song playing around you may secretly turn on Google to know the name of the track.

I found this really helpful to identify foreign language songs, BGM, and EDM types of music.

A quote for Google Hum by Geekybud, We love music more than the lyrics. That's why Despacito is the second most popular song on YouTube.

In this article, I will guide you on how to use Google Hum to Identify an unknown Song or Music in a creative way.

Are you creative? Start living with GeekyBud and explore cool tricks ūüėÄ

How to use Google Hum

Google Hum is also known as Search for a Song. This new feature is similar to Reverse Image search. Where you could upload pictures to know about the objects.

Follow these steps to Hum music:

  1. Step 1 Click on the mic icon of the Google app widget.
    Showing how to use Google Hum from Google app. Click on the Mic then press on the Search for a song button.
  2. Step 2¬†Now the Voice search will be started. Don’t start humming right here.
    Click on the ‘Search for a Song’ Option.

    Google Hum second step: Click on the Search for a song option instead of singing here
  3. Step 3¬†Now when you see this screen “Play, hum, and sing” then you can start melody the song or record from another device. Let’s try to hum in Despacito tune…
    Google Hum trying to identify music that you are singing
Once Google has recognized the song, you will get results with percentages of matched ratings.

Also, you may try again when AI is unable to detect your song or music.
Google Hum Search Result after completing the identification process.
For me, the Google Hum feature worked all the time. If it’s giving you the wrong result, probably because of improper Tuning.

Using Google Assistant

Music Detection may be the latest feature for the Google app, but it was present in Google Assistant for a long time. The fact is only a few people knew about it.

Well, instead of following all the above steps, you may use Google Assistant to identify songs.

Don’t know about Google Assistant yet? Here is the complete guide.

Follow these steps:

  1. Step 1¬†Enable your Google Assistant by saying “Hey Google or Ok Google”
    Enable Google Assistant to run Google's song detection feature
  2. Step 2¬†As always you have to give a command. Say “What’s the song?”
    Even you can say “Whats the song playing around me?” All these commands do the same work.
  3. Step 3¬†Again when you see the screen “Play, sing or hum a song” you can start melody the music.
    Here I've used Google Assistant to find the song by humming. Yes google able to detect the music.
This way you can find unknown songs and music using your smart Assistant.

Cool Tip

Short videos are the most trending part of Social media. Often we interact with some videos with Amazing background Music.
Then we ask ourselves, What’s the name of this song?
Well, to identify the song you will require two devices. One device to play the song and another device to run Google hum.
This feature isn’t yet developed to record and detect on-device music. To recognize on-device songs and music you may use Shazam App.
This trick is extremely helpful for Social media content creators.


Right now Google Hum is limited to Android and IOS devices. Maybe in the future, we see the Web version, especially for PC users.

Your Android must be Marshmallow (6.0) or a newer version to run this feature. Technically Google automatically added the Search for a Song option for all Smartphones. But if you couldn’t find it, then you should manually update the Google app from Playstore

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