5 Cool Google Assistant Tricks for PRO users – GEEKYBUD

Have you ever tried, “Ok Google, tell me a Joke”?

Now it is a too old command, even it suits only for Kids. 

Although, Google Assistant is the most popular virtual Assistant among android users. But still, only a few of my friends know about these useful commends to ask Google Assistant.

In this article, I have listed 5 cool tricks that make you a PRO buddy. These Tricks are not just for fun!

From reading to playing that your favorite party song, all you can do with it.

And I can guarantee, these commends can change your whole experience with Google Assistant.

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5 Unknown Tricks of Google Assistant

All these tricks are to save your time and make the process Quicker. Instead of doing them manually, just ask your google assistant to do the job.

Even some commands work on the lock screen. Just make sure your phone is connected to WIFI or the Data is turned on.

1. Open any app using Google Assistant

Sometimes we tend to do works faster. So closing the current app then open another app, sounds like a long process. Also, your kid may be trying to open an app but don’t know where is that!
For such kinds of situations, this command becomes useful.
To open any application you don’t need to touch the phone. 
Just say, “Hey Google, open YouTube app!”
[ YouTube Opened]
Quickly your assistant will open YouTube app.
Instead of you say YouTube, you can replace this with any installed app on your Phone. 
Interestingly, when the app is not installed on your phone, it will search on the Web. But for some popular sites, it can directly open their official site. These popular sites are Snapchat, Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, YouTube, and many more.

2. Call Anyone Without Touching Phone

Calling someone while driving can be RISKY. You have to open contacts, find the person, now you can make the call.
Instead of doing this, you could say “Hey Google, Make a phone call to GEEKYBUD.”
Instantly the call will be connected to your GEEKYBUD. You can replace the name geekybud with other saved contacts from your phonebook.
So from now try this method while Driving.
But sometimes Google Assistant couldn’t recognize what you say. This time you might be given a Dropdown list to select the contact manually. It’s really irritating.
Believe it or not, Google doesn’t understand few words of other languages. I mean if the contact name is in a native language, your assistant may struggle to recognize that.
[two numbers saved in one contact | written sim1 and sim2 ]
You might have saved a Person with more than one number in one contact. Then you can’t make a call to his second number. By default Google Assistant can make calls only to the top contact number.
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3. Say to your assistant to Remember something

Instead, you note down short information somewhere, then forget about it. You can say that to your virtual assistant.
Just imagine, you are setting with your friends. Then suddenly you bring out the Phone and ask “Hey Google, When is my next meeting?” 
Then the reply comes “It’s on 25th July, at 4 PM”. Now all your friends gazing at you with a strange look. 😀

To save such information to Google Assistant, just say “Hey Google, GeekyBud is my best friend.”

So the next time when you ask “Who is my best friend”? The reply will be “GeekyBud”.

But when you store info related to Date and Time, it’s better to save that in your Google Calendar. 

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We can even add events on Calendar using Google Assistant.

To add an event first you have to say “Add an event on my calendar.”
Then first you will be asked the Date then the Time.

Now go to your Calendar, you will find the Event has already been added.

4. Listen to Web Articles like a Podcast

Sometimes we are tired. Still, try to scroll through news articles.

This gives me a headache. Not you?

Fortunately, now Google Assistant has a Screen Reader for web articles. You don’t need to read text anymore, your assistant will read that for you.

This feature only works on web Articles. 
So first, open an article on a browser. Then say “OK GOOGLE, Read Aloud”.

Now a Music Player window will appear there. This player has a few extra features that make it useful for Kids to Parents, everyone. Because we can change the accent, Reading Translation, Set reading speed, etc.

Here we have made a [Complete Guide on Read Aloud.]

From now whenever you are doing something else or tired, Try this.

5. Play Music on YouTube, Spotify, and other Music apps

If you are an extreme music lover like me then this feature must be exciting to you!

Nowadays I have stopped searching for music, cause my Google Assistant does the job more precisely.

I just say, “Hey Google, play Despacito on YouTube.”
Oh! It has started. Do you get the Sound?

You can try the same with Spotify and other online music streaming platforms. 
For example, if you wanna play a song on Spotify say “Hey Google, play Despacito on Spotify.”

Sometimes, there is more than one song with the almost same title. This gets your smart assistant confused. Make it easy to understand by saying the Artist’s name, “Hey Google, Play Love Story by Tylor Swift on Spotify.”

Google Assistant can start Spotify even when your phone is locked. But it’s not possible with YouTube, as it’s a video platform.

Play Music on Offline Player

Interestingly we can play music on OFFLINE music player too. It may not be possible with all the available offline music apps. Personally, I am using a Simple, Ad-free Pulsar Music player.

As it is your own library, so the music selection by Google Assistant would totally depend on the song title you have put.

Whether it is Online listening or Offline, your phone must be connected to the Internet.

Bonus for Non-music lovers

Strangely, you don’t like music, still, your GEEKYBUD won’t disappoint you. 

Instead of saying to play, you can say “Hey Google, search Elon Musk on YouTube.” Using this command you can search anything on YouTube, Chome, Spotify, and other places.

This way you can make searches Quickly. You don’t need to open that app, type the keyword, then Search.

Your smart assistant will do everything for you.


These Google Assistant tricks can be really helpful when you are in Hurry or busy at something else. I did a lot of research on these 5 tricks, then came up with this guide. If you found this helpful, share it with your innocent friends:D that would make my day.

I’m really excited to know how Smartly you use Google Assistant! Comment below your idea and Opinions.


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