What happens if we force stop an Android App – Is it Safe?

Every Android app has the option Force Stop. But do you know What happens if we press that?

In short, Force Stop temporarily stops the app from running. Don’t worry, It doesn’t uninstall the app. So the next time when you open it, the app will be restarted.

Force Stop can fix your misbehaving Apps, Save Battery and Storage, make your Phone work smoother, even can Delete your precious data.

So it’s important to know before you press the button…

Will it be safe? When should I use Force Stop?

Use of Force Stop

One day, I was downloading a large size file using a Browser. Then I decided to pause it for a while, but the pause button wasn’t working.

So I clear the browser from Recent apps (RAM). Still, the file was downloading at 2.4 Mbps speed.

In this situation, I used Force Stop to end all the functions of the Browser. After all, the Downloading got paused ^_^

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The usages of this unpaid feature may not be required often, but it can save your thousands of efforts in a single click.

You can use Force Stop to fix a misbehaving app, close apps that are hardly in use, stop running heavy apps and games in the background. It will save your battery and free up the RAM.

This feature can also be helpful to temporarily stop notifications from Social Apps like WhatsApp, Facebook, Telegram. I mean, even if your mobile Data or WIFI is connected, you won’t receive messages.

Still, getting Messages? Try to Disable Background Data for WhatsApp.

Well! it depends that how you use it. Bud, try this feature then Comment below how you’re gonna use it.

Where and How to Use

To use the Force Stop function you must have to go inside the App info of that particular app.
It’s easy, just 10 seconds.
How to open App info on latest android devices to Force Stop apps
For the latest phones (android 9 or above), this option is very easy to find.

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Just touch and hold the app for a while. Now an option will appear ‘App Info‘ Open it.
Old Android version users have to follow these steps: Settings ⟶ App Manager ⟶ All Apps/App List ⟶ Find the app, then click on it.
Enter App Info section of that app to Force Stop
Here you can see the Force Stop button. If you really wanna stop the app from working then press on it. After that for confirmation click on Yes.
After you press the Force Stop button, you will be asked to Confirm.
This is it.
Now the app will stop working in the Background and end the usages of CPU, RAM.

How to Restart Force Stopped app

You don’t need to do anything to restart the app that you had forced stop before. Just open it normally, the app will be Restarted.
Well, I had tried to stop the system clock app, didn’t work. Yes, a few apps will override the command of Force Stop.
“You can’t hold the Time” – Proven. LoL

Is It Safe

So many people think that Force Stop will uninstall the app. While it can’t uninstall apps and clear cache data. Force stop can temporarily stop the app from running.
But be careful with some Android default apps, as they are required to be always in processing. If you stop them it may your phone to start misbehaving.
Only when you know that the app isn’t necessary for your device, then stop it!


  1. What is the Difference between Force Stop and Disabled?
    Force Stop will temporarily stop the app from running. While disabling an app, It will be removed from the App Drawer(menu). You can’t use the app until you Enable it back. But this option is only available for System apps.
  2. Should I force stop or disable?
    If are never gonna use that app, then you should Disable it. And if you use that app occasionally then Force Stop would be perfect.
  3. Does Force Stop an app delete Data?
    No. Force Stop does not delete Cache data. It just temporarily stop the app from running.
  4. Is Force stop the same as uninstalling?
    Force Stop doesn’t uninstall the apps. But when you disable a system app, it is almost similar to uninstalling. When you enable that app again,  it will be restored.
  5. Will force stop WhatsApp delete messages?
    No, Force stop won’t delete your WhatsApp messages. But you may not receive messages from WhatsApp until you open it.
Well, now you know the Practical use of the app Force Sop. But you shouldn’t use this function over and over the period, then your device may start to misbehave. Also, battery consumption will increase.
Leave a comment below on how You gonna use this hidden feature?

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