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Technology is no longer technical for Strangers. We break down things simpler.

In today’s world, Phones and Computers have become popular mates. Similarly, the Internet complements the possibilities with such smart devices.

The more features your device has, the more complicated it is.

To make technology more accessible for you, we have created this platform, GEEKYBUD. Here you can explore Cool possibilities with Smartphones, PC,s and the Internet.

Before any article is published, first we take inspiration from what you are looking for and What could be helpful for you.

Our aim is to get you comfortable with this Smart Geeky World, through Stories.

Do you like Story? Kids Story? Then, definitely Friendship Stories.

Yeah. I’m your friend, geekybud.

Our Team

The GEEKYBUD team lives throughout the World. I learn from everyone, then copy-paste their ideas.

Nothing is new under the Sun. As you were left to know, so I recreated it for you.

It’s is DK John the owner of GeekyBud.com

The notion of GeekyBud knocked my mind in 2020, although I have been thinking about sharing my experiences since 2017.

Initially, I started with YouTube. Then I created a long list of content. But whenever I tried to record a video I felt weird.

Thousand of years have passed. Till now I had left the idea of YouTube.

It was June of 2019 when I got to know about Blogging. Write and Ignite.

During that time my English was insufficient to express my thoughts. So I worked on some categories that didn’t require writing.

Fortunately, I failed because that wasn’t the right path.

Ultimately I found my love back and started GeekyBud. Mostly my friends call me when they face any problem.

Hey DK could you help me? Why is this happening with my phone?

I want to be your friend too, as a Geekybud.

Currently, this site is Run and Managed by me alone. And I warmly invite you to join our Team.

Do you have any suggestions for GeekyBud? For any reason, you may Contact Us.